I have a love-hate relationship with yoga. I’ve read a lot of books on it, researched for hours on the internet, and ferociously followed many top “yogis”. Kino MacGregor, helped fuel my six month love affair with Ashtanga yoga. Despite feeling very uncomfortable with chanting and only practicing the physical poses, I feel like I got a lot of mental feedback from that stint.

Not long after I calmed down on the hour and a half personal sessions, I had a pretty serious knee injury that I still suffer with two years later. That pretty much put a kibosh on my excessive physical practice. Soon I was pose chasing all the knee aggravating poses because why not, right?

Once I figured out that, maybe, I should be a little more gentle on my knee; I kind of just stopped doing yoga in any fashion and lost every bit of flexibility I had. Not to mention my mental calmness and stress relief. I’m still in a yoga rut and am lucky to even give my hamstrings a random stretch, but I am trying to approach my excessive stress through that lens again. Will I ever be successful? Maybe.


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