I don’t think I have ever met a writer, no matter the medium, who didn’t have a novel/book in the works. Especially ones who identify as part-time, on the side, I’ll never be published type.

I have always leaned toward the science-fiction genre, as you can see. In fact my favorite book as a kid was

Horrifying, right?

I’ll mention that a lot of sci-fi erotica showed up when I looked for that.

So, you can probably guess the gist of my own novel, right? Three tries. Alien abduction? Nope, killer aliens master race. I hear a best seller right there. However, I won’t bore anyone with a lengthy synopsis, but there’s a lot of killer aliens in it; and a smattering of abductions. For what is an alien novel without some good ol’ abductions.

It seems almost impossible to create any new ideas, everyone hacks off of every one else because all the cool stuff has been thought of. Damn that Tolkien and his lovely ideas.



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