Every year I burst out into the sun like it doesn’t exist, and every year I get an awful sunburn that I regret for a week. I can’t really explain why I don’t ever put on a hat, especially when I know what’s going to happen. (I have a point and I’m getting pretty close to it.)

I’m the same way with people to a degree. I don’t mind talking to them, or being around them; but as soon as things get personal in any fashion, I run for the hills.(kind of like that sentence) However, I always know what’s going to happen. I will foresee some kind of mid-relationship crisis, and turn into the ultimate douche canoe to make them go away. It works every time, oddly enough. Turns out people don’t like being treated like crap.

But, that’s not really the point either, is it? It’s a problem in me, that’s the obvious thing. The not-so-obvious thing is what is the issue? So, that’s like in a nutshell I guess.


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