I finally planted my beloved sweet potatoes and yams tonight. Last year was the worst harvest as far as sweet potatoes go, that I have ever had. I had planted a set of them early, as usual, and the weather changed to 90’s and dry within a week. Considering this was around derby time, just like now, I’m a little worried.

The weather changes so much around here. Rain one day and blistering heat the next. You could say this is me taking it slow. I tried and failed to start my summer squash early, again. I think a chicken got to them, little turds. Despite that: my cucumbers, yellow watermelons, and two types of tomatoes are doing swimmingly.

I have also started: mint, lavender, rosemary, and dill. But no promises there, me and herbs have never agreed on anything. Speaking of companion plants, my nasturtiums had a 95% start rate, soooo about 135-140 plants. Take that squash bugs. I also have a few petunias grasping onto the last tendrils of life, so who knows.

Overall things are going pretty good garden wise, if only garden wise.


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