I’ve been away for lengthy period of time, due to some feels that I needed to work on. I decided to try some goofy internet thing called “Intention Inspired”. The first day was to be brave and inspired.

Today’s brave act was to choose an object to associate with this newfound brave. So that any time you saw it, used it, you would feel the brave that you’re trying to cultivate. I chose my computer because I seem to be having an issue with writer’s block, mainly due to the fact that it’s really hard to write when you’re completely uninspired.(run on sentence)

I can only hope that this will aid me in finding my writing mojo, I know it’s there. I just have to find it. The second part of this days work, was to recite the mantra that was given. Which just so happened to be “I am inspired”, that is mildly coincidental and expected. I managed to eek out some sun salutations and repeat the mantra to myself during savasana, and I’m surprised to say that I think it helped.

I found the courage to write this, and I consider that progress. (o.o)


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