Am I the only person in the world who can’t connect with people in any fashion? It sure feels that way, when an old friend drops me like a hot rock. Did I mention hot rock?

The details don’t need to be said, however it’s not the first time. It is the last time though. This is me coming to grips with the ending of that unsupportive, destructive, and self-serving acquaintance. Ten years was way too long to deal with that nonsense. Whom will also never see this I might mention (cue unsupportive and self-serving music).

I do feel a little better now, just throwing the idea to the ethers of the internet. It’s not the same as actually saying it to the person, who won’t hear it (doesn’t, refuses). Apparently I’m the only one who puts actual emotion into a friendship. Hell, maybe she will see it one day, if you do, then you know who you are and thanks. (o.o) 1-0


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