I’ve never been one to keep a journal, and when I’ve tried, I failed miserably. Maybe this could be a “public” version, that seems to be all the rage now.

Not a lot has gone on around these parts in the surrounding time period. The yearly rains are rushing through, and I’ve tried out an incubator I bought. I’m still in the process of hatching, but right now I have six little cuties out of twenty-eight eggs. Which is, 21% I believe, pretty awful really.

There is still time for more fluffy cuties, but I may not get any more than I have. I’m not a mother hen, you know.

Why you are here

I personally have no idea why you are here, but welcome nonetheless. I decided to start this as a way to improve my writing, and maybe share some interesting opinions to any who end up here.

Some background, I’m a recently (started? begun? becoming?) decided convert to freelance writing. The general, “I have no idea what I know, but I’m learning” type. Which also explains why I did a short bout with the dreaded content mills; I’m past that now and working the courage to do some real projects. Hopefully, this little thing here will push me over the edge.

When I’m not agonizing over writing confidence, I have an extensive amount of animals (chickens) and a small garden that I care for. That is a story for another time though.